Sunday, May 21, 2017

woke up at 3 am to believe in magic again

Hello again budds. Calm down because i'm not gonna complain about my college life. After those not-going-so-well middle test, FINALLY me and my high school mates were going on a trip. We went to Bromo! Can’t say that it was an epic nor a long trip but I was soooo excited. Let's cut to the chase. We choosed 28th April as our date, we booked a jeep days before the d-day, and we departed at midnight since we wanted to see the sunrise on Saturday morning. We arrived at the Sunrise Penanjakan point (prime location to watch the sunrise) around 2 AM. I was freezing there, because dude, 11 degrees Celcius??
The sad story is; we couldn’t watch the sunrise because it was (literally) foggy. Sooo yap. We went down from there around 6….or 7? And the point is, as a local who’s just step on this area for the first time in 18+ years a.k.a. entire life, well.. WELL. I REGRET THOSE DAYS I SPENT WITH FRIES AND CHIPS BUT FRIES YOU STILL MY BESTFRIEND.

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  1. Bahkan sampe sekarang aku belum pernah ke bromo bcs i have no friends yang easy diajak nge trip wkwkw