Saturday, October 24, 2015


People often get stuck with the disease of complacency. they become satisfied with a disgusting habit of not trying hard anymore but doing just enough to get by and be kept in held positions or title. affection become limited, attention disappears. love inevitably escapes because there is nothing to live for. i mean, love is an emotion that requires and demands to be fed. believe me when i say, it's bad karma to mistreat good people and you don't want that on you. if someone giving you all they have, however provided, respect that. you should honor their attempt to at least give you something in spite of their shortcomings. them trying should be enough for you to give back ten times more of what you have, and value that connection enough to keep ascending. don't let anyone give you half of anything and fed you leftovers when you can be served a meal because you deserve you to. life is about evolving, sharing good space with the people you love. constantly giving more than you can ever ask for in return. /that/ is ultimate freedom.
do not, i repeat, DO NOT be complacent.
there is always more you can do.

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