Tuesday, October 7, 2014

just crabby mood

Hey. Well I don’t know how to start it. So this will be one of my random-ass-post. I’m so exhausted with my life for a second, and it feels like there is something wrong with me. And yes, it is. I rarely get mood swings and it’s rather hard for me to angry, but lately… I’ve turned into sensitive-ass-creature. And I hate that for real. But in fact everything seems so irritating. And annoying. And…..yah but whatsoever was that, I really hate them. LIKE A LOT. So I’m gonna say that, okay? I just want to flare up anything with you guys, without feeling offended nor take it seriously. But you guys just can’t take it. *deep sigh* *again*

Sometimes, there’s no way to remove myself from some situations. But zone out is always the best way to escape from this crabby mood. Then I’m here like

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