Wednesday, March 12, 2014

idk i just getting weird

hello guys! as usual long time no post ahaha. yeah so. many things happened to me last year- also this year. I mean from january till now. Anyway, did I talk about my senior high school before? by the waaaaay as you know this is my freshman year and yah. idk i just miss my junior high school's friends :((( i miss their stupidities their idiot face their kindness their weirdness and so on huhuhu :'( okay may be after middle test I'll go there soon. oh ya by the way tomorrow I'll have an exam and yeah as usual- and as always "I WILL LEARN EVERYDAY AND NO GOING OUTS. JUST STUDY." said no one ever. hahah ofkors no. as the busiest person on earth i have many things to do man. yeah something called eating for example. k it's getting weird. yep so mommy's calling me. wish me luck for my exam! ahaha so Ciao! 

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