Saturday, September 29, 2012


yeah so. aku lagi super bored banget bangetan and yeah. iseng ajadeh buat beginian
1. Spaghetti is my fav food
2. Orange water with lots of ice cubes is my daily drink.
3. I like to eat ice cubes
4. My fav color is gray
5. I hate math
6. I love One Direction :33
7. I was born on 12th June
8. I'm not addicted to social network
9. My fav movie are The Hunger Game, Hachi, and A Long visit (masih banyak sih sebenernya)
10. I've never watched The Avengers till now
11. I'm so lazy to learn, especially math.
12. I'm a good listener, i think.
13. Actually I hate grammar
14. Anything colorful, I love it.
15. The most country I wanted to visit; England.
16. I love hello kitty ;3
17. Dark skin bro :/ -not gusta-
18. My fav song: Fireflies, All about us, Titanium, Enchanted, and many more.
19. Hard to be angry :/
20. Less intelligent *sakiiiiiit
21. Oh ya! my fav meme: not sure if gusta
22. I love almond
23. Not good at sports. BAD T_T (especially at swimming and basketball)
24. Didn't understand about macromedia flash and the species-__-
25. Senior year, 9th grade broo ;;) 9 F.O.R.E.S.T.

pastinya masih banyak sih._. tapi males ngetik nih. aduh siapa peduli yah-_-


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