Friday, June 15, 2012

something bout robotic ;-;

Okaaaaay....... robotic. Robotic is one of the lessons in my school. This lesson is a refreshing lesson (my teacher call it that). And.....I don't think so. Totally don't-__- Initially I thought this lesson would be sooo cool, I can show off this lesson to my cousins or my brother u_u yeah I know this is very tacky. Freakish-_-
And now, today.... This lesson really made me remove my brain nerve cells one by one-__- Honestly, till now I don't understand about 'that'-_-
I remember when (maybe) at the 1st month at 8th grade we make this
huh hah *sigh* I want to repeat it once again gaaaaays (╥﹏╥) eh okay. Well, actually..... tomorrow I have a robotic test-_- k, study. study. study. boring. hm. internet. internet~~ 0_0 
With robot soccer at her hand *throw*,

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